Our team and a modern B2B / B2C platform offers customers over 1'000'000 items of goods from Latvia and European countries with the best price / quality ratio and an individual approach to solving customer problems.
Thanks to a responsible approach to the task, we were able to take a leading position in Internet commerce and take a strong position in the corporate market in Latvia.

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For corporate clients



    • An individual approach to solving each specific problem, taking into account specific features and any requirements

    • Complex supply of computer, office and telecommunication equipment, network equipment and licensed software

    • Complete installation of equipment

    • Prompt and free of charge delivery of goods

    • Warranty and after-sales service

    • Online support

    • Repair and maintenance of equipment on-site


    We offer direct deliveries of goods from European warehouses at wholesale prices.
    We provide logistics and guarantee the highest quality of delivered goods with all warranty obligations in the Latvian and other markets.
    Our main focus in wholesale is direct deliveries of computer and other IT equipment to the markets of the Baltic countries, Russia and Belarus from European warehouses.

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    • We don’t simply sell equipment.
    • We know how to take good care of it!
    • A team of professionals from the technical department is at your service.
    Toner refill

    Our workshop has all the equipment necessary for complete cleaning and high-quality refiling and restoration of cartridges, as well as a full fleet of office equipment that allows us to test our products.
    In the world, a huge number of companies produce compatible components for refilling and restoration of cartridges – toner, drums, squeegees, microcircuits and other components. All of them differ in quality and price.

    We are distinguished from other companies competing in the market by a tough stance on the quality of components and, consequently, the print quality of our products:

    • we do not save on components
    • we choose the most expensive and high-quality products
    • we do not save on the quality and volume of the toner we are filling up
    • we always try to offer the best product at the best price
    Repair of computers and household appliances

    We provide a full range of computer assistance services of any complexity.
    All malfunctions will be fixed as quickly as possible.
    At your request, we will handle the following:

    • repair and configuration of computers and household appliances
    • installation and configuration of software
    • virus removal and prevention
    • data recovery

    Turning to us for assistance, you can be sure of the outcome.
    Warranty for our work – up to two years!

    Assembly, configuration and modernization of computers

    The policy of our company is to fulfill the needs of the client as best we can, therefore, along with the recommended standard computer configurations, we carry out the assembly of any custom configurations with the properties specified by the client, as well as the modernization of existing computers.
    Assembly and modernization of computers is carried out using only high-quality components of well-known brands such as AMD, Asus, Intel, Samsung and many others.

    • all components are rigorously inspected
    • we provide our computers with a guarantee of up to 3 years
    • our assembly workshop and service center are certified, and our engineers have undergone many years of practice

    If you find it difficult to determine the configuration of the computer you need, then our managers will recommend the best solution based on the purpose of the computer, the intended tasks and your budget.

    Network design and installation

    VS PRO company unites certified specialists and engineers, among which: specialists in network technologies, telephony, network and system software.
    The main activities of the department are the design, installation, assembly and maintenance of computer networks and security systems.
    The many years of experience of our engineers and a large number of already designed projects is a guarantee that the project created by us will be the most optimal and of highest quality.
    For the design of local networks and security systems, we use the latest technology and software.

    We carry out:

    • Diagnostics, analysis and modernization of the existing LAN and SCS
    • design and installation of cable system and wireless solutions
    • installation of video surveillance systems, burglar alarms, fire alarms and fire warning systems
    • audit with recommendations for addressing mistakes and malfunctions

    About us

    In the context of the global crisis, we have learned to cope with no frills.
    We do not have bloated staff, inefficient employees, expenses for a glamorous office.
    Every day we are committed to active, positive and quality work. This allows the company to fully satisfy the needs and requirements of even the most demanding customers, from the quality of the services provided to the optimal price of the product the consumer is interested in.

    Our team consists of highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in the field of retail and wholesale trade in computer equipment and electronics.

    Sergey Lazarev
    Sergey Lazarev CEO

    Born leader.
    All that stands in debt- is pardoned. I have not read the book of complaints.

    Vitaly Mackevic
    Vitaly Mackevic CEO

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    This is for him.

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    Dmitrii Semakin CIO

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    He will make an elephant out of a fly. A very important elephant.

    Dmitry Danshin
    Dmitry Danshin CPC

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    Guru of all kinds of trading.

    Vitaly Gailis
    Vitaly Gailis CTO

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    And only with him.